Hathor the Healing Artist

Hathor’s services include personal/group training (virtual  mobile), fitness demonstrations, private classes/parties, wellness lectures, and event
planning. Her clients include individuals of all ages, companies and non-profit organizations.


A total body strength conditioning workout infused with African and Middle-Eastern dance choreography and drills.

A wonderful way to refresh your mind, body, and spirit! Join Hathor for the ultimate multi sensory relaxation experience. You will leave feeling revitalized and empowered with the tools necessary to cope with stress personally and professionally.

A combination of yoga and mat Pilates, Pi-Yo is a perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Sensuality is so much more than sexuality; it is the art of savoring the
present moment. Treat your senses to a mind and body indulgence. This class has it all: tantric exercises, Kundalini Yoga, liberating sensual dance, and more!! Experience the healing power of mindful movement.

Kemetic Yoga is an form of yoga practiced in Ancient Kemet (present day Egypt) that was uncovered/rediscovered by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master Yirsir Ra Hotel in the 1970s. KY promotes breathing as a means of moving stagnant energy to awaken systems of the body that suffer from oxygen deprivation and to increase circulation and system alignment. Perfect for yogi’s of all ages, genders, and physical abilities.

A collective of holistic healers dedicated to the restoration, exploration, and education of the Divine feminine principle for women of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Hire Hathor to assist you in creating safe spaces for
sisterhood, self-care, and the celebration of life in all phases.

A restorative fusion of Kemetic & Hatha Yoga accompanied by grounding reggae music and
invigorating aromatherapy